Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Matt Stillwell at The Coyotes in Augusta, GA

Apparently Augusta Georgia is only supposed to be 5 hours and 45 minutes from Murfreesboro, TN but on a rainy Friday evening it actually took about 7 hours. By the time I swung by my hotel to change and made it over to the club, I was certain that Matt Stillwell would have been well into his first set and Jeff Allen, the Coyotes DJ, would be too busy to talk. As I walked into the club Matt was just getting on stage. I hadn't missed a thing! I claimed my table and went on a search to find Jeff. Meeting Jeff was like catching up with an old friend. He showed me around and introduced me to the owner and bartenders. Below are a couple of pictures of the bar, bartenders, Matt Stillwell Merchandise and CatDaddy Moonshine!

Coyotes ran a Mason Jar Promotion to help us advertise Matt Stillwell's show. If guests brought in their own mason jar, they would get their first drink free. This was a great idea considering the bar was littered with CatDaddy moonshine! All the bartenders had on CatDaddy T-Shirts and there were table tents with CatDaddy drink recipes and posters all around the club.

Coyotes draws a great local crowd that appreciates new country and sings along with old classics. They were the perfect crowd for a Matt Stillwell show. Matt isn't just a country singer, he is an entertainer, and the Coyotes crowd was loving every minute of it. Once everyone had a couple mason jars of CatDaddy mix drinks the dance floor filled up!

After the show Matt stuck around to talk and party with his fans and new friends. Not many entertainers that take the time to establish a relationship with their fans the way Matt Stillwell does and it clearly makes a difference.

Below is a clip of some of the highlights of the night. I came home from Augusta with over 60 minutes worth of video from Coyotes. I was impressed with every song Matt sang and with how much the crowd loved watching him preform. But I can't post 60 minutes of video so my good friend Brian Cecil at briserv.com Digital Media was so kind as to edit it down to this manageable clip.

Thank you Matt Stillwell for putting on a great show and for partying with DJ Jeff Allen and myself. I loved hanging out with Ashley, the best bartender I've ever known, and all my new friends at Coyotes. I hope to come back real soon!

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