Thursday, November 20, 2008

Austin City Saloon and Coyotes in Louisville

Last Friday I loaded up my car and drove through the rain and wind to Lexington, KY to visit Austin City Saloon. Momma Tish was at the front door to greet me. I instantly decided that if I lived in that area I would end up at that bar every week. The crowd is made up of predominately college students and young professionals. I felt right at home and jealous that I don't have a bar like this in my neighborhood.

Here is DJ Chris Slater in his booth making sure that in between band sets, Club Connection music was being played. Thank you for all your help and feedback.

Saturday I drove over to Louisville, KY to see DJ D.C. at Coyotes, which is part of City Block. We had an absolute blast. There are multiple clubs in one. Vinnie's hits from the 70's, 80's and early 90's, The Rock-It Club plays top 40 dance music, Losers is a karaoke bar, The Fox Den is a biker bar, The List is a hip hop club and then there is Coyotes which is of course a country dance club.

Here are a couple pictures of D.C., my good friend Matt and myself upstairs in the DJ booth over looking the dance floor.

D.C. did a GREAT job playing Club Connection music and getting dancers on the dance floor. Here is a clip of a full dance floor having fun with Matt Stillwell's single "Shine".

D.C. even tested our BRAND NEW single the Joey + Rory King Mix of "Cheater Cheater".

Coyotes is open until 4am and with six different clubs there is plenty to do! What impressed me the most about City Block was that all six clubs would easily be successful as a stand alone club but are even more successful connected. Even though each club tends to draw in their own unique crowd, club goers travel through each club without a noticeable culture clash. I spent the first portion of the night on the country side and then flip flopped between The List and Vinnie's. I loved that a cowboy in Wranglers and a Stetson can feel totally comfortable dancing to Kanye West on the rotating Hip Hop dance floor then walk across the hall and do the two step at Coyotes.

Thank you Austin City and Coyotes for a great weekend and I can't WAIT to come back!

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