Friday, November 14, 2008

From New Jersey to Denver!

Last weekend I took a much needed trip to Tunica with 15 of my friends to celebrate a few birthdays. Since I was too busy giving the dealers all my money, I was unable to visit a club. But since I have some very amazing friends at clubs around the nation, I decided to let THEM tell you a little about their clubs.

"The Colorado Café located in Watchung, NJ is the premier country western night club in the tri-state area. Dancers can dance line, partner and couple dances to the latest sounds on one of the largest dance floors on the east coast. The Café features country music on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and included in admission are dance lessons in all forms of country dance. The Colorado Café also features a full menu restaurant, pool tables, karaoke and Buck Off the mechanical bull." submitted by Georgeanne Valis

I thought this was an interesting YouTube clip about Colorado Cafe.

When I went to the Mishnock & Friends Dance weekend I met Wild Bill, who is a DJ at Colorado Cafe.

"Charlie's Denver, was founded in 1981 in Denver, CO. It was the first of 4 Charlie's in the country... Our locations include, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago and Las Vegas... Much of the success of Charlie's go to our creators, Wayne Jakino and John King. Our Denver location is one of Colorado's best Country Western Bars with all the top country music...and some of the best DJ's... DJ E-N & DJ Malcom. our friendly bar staff will always be available to get you the perfect beverage. We also feature a Club Level, that includes all of the top dance music, w/ DJ Giggles and we also have a huge outdoor patio with another great party out there... At any time, any day of the week, there's always a party at Charlie's. For more info, visit or call 303.839.8890" Submitted by Jonathen Pedersen

Thank you to both Georgeanne and Jonathen for providing a little glimpse into their country dance club!

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