Friday, January 9, 2009

Cancun Cantina in Baltimore MD

Before I moved to Tennessee, I was a elementary and middle school band teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. A friend of mine and her husband started going dancing every Wednesday and Sunday night at Cancun Cantina. Eventually there was a group of five of us that went every Wednesday the summer before I moved. I guess in my mind I was preparing for my big move to Tennessee but little did I know that people really didn't walk around in cowboy hats and line dance at every music venue like they do in the movies. Go Figures!
When I started working with Club Connection I was shocked that my favorite dance club was not on our list and it was a personal goal to get them on board. So when I drove to Baltimore for Christmas and just HAD to stop it the Cantina. Walking back into the first club I ever tried line dancing in after almost a year of digesting dance community etiquette I was shocked to feel a lot less intimated and much more willing to try new dances.

Here is a picture of myself and the manager Roy. Thankfully I was smart to take this picture BEFORE I danced all night.
Back in December of 2006, the Cantina had a horrible fire and was forced to close for remodeling. The new dance floor and updated decor really gave the club a fresh look.
I was there on a Saturday night which is live music night and there isn't as much structured line dancing, but we danced anyway.

(Thank you Ryan Photography for these pictures)

(These are some of the ladies I go dancing with)

This club has been so successful for a number of reasons. My friends like it because there is a country side and a Hip Hop side. Those of them that are fed up with the structure of line dancing, cross over to the hip hop side. Our guy friends like the waitresses.....

Thank you Charlie and Roy for a great time at one of my favorite clubs!

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Here in Cancun we have a different type of Cantinas,(cancun cantina) we need more about the bands, and why do you have that "Cancun Cantina"? anyway is fun, can you please post Cancun cantina videos or picts?