Friday, December 12, 2008

Whiskey Dicks, Columbus Ohio

(November 23rd) I woke up Sunday morning in Indianapolis with barely enough time to get out of the hotel and get a seat at a local bar & grill for the kick off of the Titans' game. I was the ONLY person in Titans' apparel and routing for my (at the time) undefeated team. I was a confident and unwavering fan even in the mist of their jeers and taunting. As my luck would have it we lost for the first time all season. UGH!

From there I headed to Columbus, Ohio to meet Greg Leffel at Whiskey Disks. I knew that visiting on a Sunday night was not going to be the best time to see the true colors of the club but I thought I could at least use the time to get to know Greg and the staff at Whiskey Dicks.

As I was coming into town I decided to swing by one of our other Columbus Country clubs, Screamin' Willie's. Unfortunately they are not open on Sundays so I was unable to meet my contact DJ Lunatik.

Though it was a Sunday night and the bar was no where near max capacity, I think it was one of my more successful visits. I was able to sit down and actually become friends with the staff and hand out CDs, hats and T-shirts to bar guests. Here is a picture of Greg Leffel and I chatting over a beer.

I really liked the feel of the club. It wasn't a significantly large venue and didn't have room for much organized dancing but it had a very friendly and country/rock n' roll feel to it. When you walk in the bar is immediately in front of you and the stage is down a step and over to the right. Behind the bar is a mini tattoo parlor. I was floored by this because in my experience combining tattoos and alcohol is not a good idea but Greg reassured me that intoxicated patrons are not permitted to go in the tattoo parlor. Good Call!

My intention was to stop in the club, sit and talk with Greg for about an hour or two and head back to the hotel. Well I made a few friends and two hours turned into four or five! Check out some of the people I met while I was there.

Thank you Greg, Adam, Anna and Dave for a very entertaining and memorable trip to Columbus. Please come and see me in Nashville soon!

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